The Family

Italian Gun Grease is set apart from our competitors because we have a complete understanding of metals and components used in firearms and ammunition.   Our team of chemists, metallurgists, and physicists aggressively pursue firearm lubricant and cleaning solutions using a completely new approach.  With our technologically advanced system of lubricants and cleaners we are able to provide the shooter with a noticeable and valuable advantage.

Businesses are built on relationships. Some businesses are more formal and corporate oriented in the way they approach their relationships, some are more informal. We like to take a slightly different approach; one that is professional and structured, but also personal and inviting. We have intentionally and appropriately titled the relationships centered around IGG products as "the Family".

If you work in the company, with the company, or are a valued client of the company, we want you to feel like you are part of "the Family".  Our "Family" revolves around the love and enjoyment of shooting our weapons. It is likely we also share a love and appreciation of our US Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. We want to supply you with the most advanced premier technologies available for optimizing the often overlooked key components of lubricating, cleaning and protecting your firearms. By us taking "the Family" attitude toward you, you can trust our dedication to helping you achieve the higher level of performance that you are looking for. By you taking "the Family" attitude toward us, we can trust your honest and helpful feedback, as well as a committed enthusiasm for spreading the IGG "word" with your friends. Basically we want to enjoy growing our business, and "the Family" style of doing things is a fun way of doing that!


Latest News

IGG, the Official Lube of Adams Arms


 Adams Arms and IGG officially announce their partnership at the Rockcastle ProAm!

 We are very excited that IGG and Adams Arms are now part of the same Family.  The Rockcastle ProAm was the perfect venue to launch our partnership!  What a great success!  We are looking forward to the both of us  leading the industry in with our technology.